Overwrite existing quantities and conversion factors

You can now overwrite conversion factors of standard quantities with your own factors (for example, if you have a supplier that has other CO2 factors due to, for example, an improved production process)

This function is only available for persons that have the Administrator role on Account level

1. In the black sidebar, go to Settings > Values ​​and choose the quantity for which you want to overwrite the conversion. Click on the name.
2. Click the Edit conversions button at the bottom right.
3. Click on Overwrite conversion.
4. Enter the desired Period, Value, Unit and Source. If necessary, add multiple periods via + Add conversion factor. Click Save.
5. Go to the gauge page and click the Details button of any gauge that used the original default quantity and factor. You can now see that the new conversion factors apply to this meter.
This new factor is now also included in all new graphs of My Graphs (provided you refresh the graph!) reports, measures, objectives, scenarios and initiatives that use these meter(s).

Old reports keep the old values ​​unless you refresh the report, or refresh the graphs in that report.

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