Creating custom units and conversions

You can create your own Quantities as well as overwrite existing standard conversions.

This function is only available for persons that have the Administrator role on Account level

1. Go to Settings > Quantities via the black sidebar. Fill out the required fields.

2. After the fields have been filled out, click on the bottom left (scroll down if necessary) on Save and make conversions or only on Save.

3. In the next screen click on + Add conversion for the desired conversion type.

4. Fill in all the necessary things here: *Period, Value, Unit and **Source. Do this for each desired conversion. Click on Save.

*For current conversion factors, the "with" field can be left blank.

**Source can be a web address, or a (link to a viewable or downloadable) document.

5. Adjust the unit if necessary or desirable.

6. Save

7. Now you get an overview of what you have entered. You can verify this and adjust or supplement it if necessary. This can also be done later, even if meters that use these conversions have already been filled out.

8. Now on the Gauges page you can create a new gauge that uses this quantity and its conversion(s).

9. On the Gauges page you can now click on the Details button of the new meter and there you will see the conversions you have created.

You can also use this feature to overwrite existing conversions from our standard library for your own use. The manual for this can be found here.

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