Full signing up and login in process for new users


0. An administrator (or a SmartTrackers superadmin) creates a user at Settings>People. It is crucial that this user gets one or more role(s) assigned. The user is invited (by administrator (or a SmartTrackers superadmin)) and therefore receives our invitation email ("You are invited to SmartTrackers" from SmartTrackers: info@smarttrackers.nl)

1. You open the invitation email and click (this must be done within 30 days) on the Accept invitation link

2. After this you are not yet logged in and are therefore on the SmartTrackers login page (with the Visma Connect block with the button “Log in with Visma Connect” and the Create account link)

3. If you do not have an account yet, ignore “Log in with Visma Connect” and click Create account.*

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 11.16.06.png


*(If you see no Create account option you need to click on the Little circle2.png symbol that is framed in a little circle, to the left of where your email adress is)

4. You go to the Visma Connect registration page and enter your first name, last name, email address, language and country and solve the recaptcha.

5. Click on the Registration button

6. You will see the Thank You page: “Thank you for registering. Check your inbox.”

7. You will receive an email from Visma Connect to complete the account creation (Welcome to SmartTrackers from SmartTrackers by Visma <do.not.reply@email.connect.visma.com>"

8. You open this email and click (within 24 hours) on the Activate account button

9. You will land on the Visma Connect password setting screen; enter a password that meets the requirements of Visma Connect, twice. Then click on the Set password button.

10. You will return to the SmartTrackers login page, but you are not yet automatically logged in with us.

11. Click on the green Log in with Visma Connect button and you are immediately logged in.

12. You will then arrive at Measurements, on the page to accept the invitation. On this page, click the Accept button. You can get started now.



If you log in with Google but you need to enable 2FA, you need to create a Visma Connect password first:

1. Create a Visma Connect password via Forgot password?.
2. Enable 2FA in Visma Connect using the password you just created.
3. From now on, simply log in via Google again, so you no longer need that password.

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