Divide CO2 emissions across multiple organizational units with shared gauges

What are shared gauges?
Shared gauges are gauges that divide (consolidate) measurements in percentage across multiple organizational units such as projects and sites. The gauges are of course only updated once by the so-called Executor. Depending on the agreed distribution, a percentage must be allocated to the other components. These percentages may not add up to a total of more than 100%.

To be able to use shared gauges, it is necessary to set the Default consolidation method to “Equity”. To do this, go to Settings>General and click on Edit at the top right of the screen.


After clicking Edit, this screen appears:


Make sure that all underlying organizational sections have been created (explanation about creating underlying organizational sections) and that the correct percentage for the distribution has been added. Entities may have the same name if they belong to multiple business units.

The next step is to create new gauges, where you have to choose the option Share gauges. Go to the explanation about creating gauges for the next steps.

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