Fill in and validation

The proces

The validation process has four steps, with three roles that can be assigned to one (not recommended), two or three people.

The four steps and three roles:

  • Fill in (label: Concept, role: register)
  • Submit (release for validation) (label: Submitted, role: register)
  • Approve (label: Approved, role: approve)
  • Finalize (label: Finalized, role: finalize)
    When creating a user, you specify which role(s) someone will fulfill.

So, Filling out and submitting is one role, approving is one role and finalizing is one role. These are all assigned separately. For example, someone who only has the Fill/Register role cannot approve and finalize. People can have more than one role, though we advise to assign these three roles to at least two and ideally three different people.

Someone with management rights on the entire account automatically has all roles.

A Registrator is the person who fills in the data and submits it. Besides entering values a registrator can add a comment to clarify the added measurement, or a document (e.g. a bill) as evidence for the CI.

The registrar can enter data in two different windows.

First: directly on the Gauges window, with the measured values ​​being shown over a period of two years.

Second: via the option Fill in. This input screen by default shows only empty measurement fields from the previous year. This makes it easy to check how many and which values ​​are still missing. After entry the registrar may submit the values. After that, the data can no longer be altered, unless it is rejected in a subsequent validation step.

Note: the account administrator can revert any measurement to Concept, even a Final one. For the finalized one the procedure is slightly different: the account administrator has to click on the label directly under the value that needs editing; a popup will appear in which there is the option to reset the value to Concept.

After entry, the person with rights to approve the entries can review and confirm the registration for accuracy.

The fourth role concerns the role of marking the input values ​​as Final. This role is often used before the figures are published. In that case, a third person (for example a financial controller) carries out a final check on the total process. This can be done, for example, by sampling, or conducting an assessment for completeness and the procedures followed, or both.

The account administrator can determine which roles are given to whom. Depending on the assigned role, the tabs: Fill in, submit, approve or finalize are displayed.


The basic principle is that the person who registers under the tab Gauges or Fill in first puts in the values ​​and, if desired, adds evidence and/or an explanation via the speech bubble icon. After entry, the registrar can click Submit for validation and release the data entry per gauge (or for all displayed gauges on the page) for the next step, Approval. Gauges disappear immediately from the task list after they've been submitted or approved. Below the measurement fields, a label with the  status of that field is shown.


The person who has the role to approve can also actively reject the entry. For example, if the value is not in line with previous registrations or if there is lack of substantiation. The measurement will then be highlighted in the bin, with the registrar's free gauge to be released. It is recommended when a value is rejected to indicate why it has been rejected, using the speech bubble icon.

Users receive a status message via email when changes have been made. This feature can be turned on or off at Settings > General > Edit.

Reverting the values ​​to concept

Rejecting a value automatically resets it to Concept. It means that if someone who did the fill in finds that the value is incorrect, a request must be made to whoever has the rights to approve or reject that value. This can be done by sending a message from the system via the comment function to the person in question.

After a measurement has been finalized, only an account administrator and/or any person with rights to finalize can put the values back to Concept. This can be done by clicking on the Final label itself.



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