CO2 targets

The addition of CO2 targets is done per scope, in accordance with the Green House Gas Protocol.

Yearly reduction can be indicated by the entering negative percentages. These percentages indicate the reductions compared to a specific year and have no arithmetic relationship.

Suppose you want to specify a reduction for scope 1 and 2 of 10 and 50% compared to the year 2014 in 2018. Then simply enter -10 and -50.

Suppose you want to indicate a reduction of 20 and 75% for 2020, then fill in -20 and -75. If 2015 has already passed, it it follows that you should indicate the goal with respect to the most recent past year. A target percentage with respect to a year where no data has yet been entered is not shown in the graph. After all, no calculation can be made yet.

If you want to show a structural reduction of for example 2% per year, compared to the same reference year, keep in mind that in that case the percentage per year must be decreased with -2. After all, the reference year remains the same.


  • step 1: Choose the Targets option from the menu in the left margin.
  • step 2: Click on the Add button
  • step 3: Select the organisational unit to which an objective should be added
  • step 4: Choose the performance indicator on which to set a goal. Such as CO2e, but this can also be on a compound indicator like CO2 per FTE, CO2 per turnover or CO2 per operating hour.

It is also possible to choose various other indicators such as Diesel consumption, Absenteeism, Percentage of women in the organisation, etc. For each available indicator, objectives can be added.
step 5: It can be indicated whether the objective should be split up. This allows you to set the objective per component, such as scope or funnction category. The classification by category is most clear, because you can then add specific objectives for heating, electricity or lease cars, which is often easier than immediately determining a total objective.

It is also possible to add indicators yourself. For this, see add performance indicator.

In the picture below an option has been chosen, where the goals are always indicated with respect to a preceding year, whereby for 2025 it has been decided to do this with respect to a completed year, so that a longer term objective is also shown in the graph.

The target can also be displayed with respect to a fixed reference year. For that, enter the values as shown below:


Target line in graphs

The option target line only appears in a graph if the (sub)entity/entities for which the target was created has been ticked in the filter section of that graph.


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