Create user and add roles*

Go to Settings in the black sidebar and choose the option Actors


After clicking +Add you'll get this form:


Here fill in the necessary details - mailadress is optional, however, you can't invite a user without it, nor can you send messages from your account to them. The fields with an * are required. Save.


After a user has been added, the roles have to be assigned, so that that user has the necessary privileges. On Account there are two roles, and on Entity there are six*. A summary of those roles can be found by clickholding the blue questionmark icon you can see behind Type.



*Note: if Use validation functionality is set to No in Settings>General, you will only see the first three roles when choosing Entity.


2FA (2 Factor Authorisation) is a common security protocol, which requires a password and a second verification (most common: an authorisation code provided via a smartphone app).

With the buttons top right, the user's particulars can be edited afterwards, the user can be deactivated or even deleted.



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