Reverting values to Concept status

This feature is only accessible to individuals with the appropriate role(s). An Administrator has all the roles.
For example, someone with only a registration role cannot reject submitted figures. You can determine which role you have from which tabs (screenshot below) you can see:
Fill in & Submit: Registration
Approve: Approve (or reject)
Make final: Make final (or reject)
A person can have any combination of roles.

The central administrator can determine which roles are used. Depending on the assigned role, the tabs: Fill in, Submit, Approve or Finalize are shown. Click on a tab to make it active.


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-06-13 om 12.20.57.png

Below the meter fields you can see which status a value has.

The person who has the role to approve can also actively reject the input, so that the value returns to Concept.
So a released grade can be rejected under the Approve tab, and an approved grade can be rejected under the Finalize tab.

By rejecting a value it is automatically returned to Concept. If a registrar discovers that a submitted value is incorrect, a request to reject must be sent to the person with rights to approve. This can be done by sending an active message to the person in question via the comment function.

After a measurement has been finalized, only a local administrator or a person with finalization rights can reset the values ​​to Concept. This works a little differently than the previous rejections: you must click on the green Final label. Unlike other rejects (where multiple readings can be rejected with one click), Finalized values ​​can only be rejected one at a time.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-06-13 om 12.24.33.png

After clicking on the label, a screen like the one below will be displayed and the value can be reset by clicking on the red cross X Revert measurement to a concept value.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-06-13 om 12.26.01.png

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