Add chart to dashboard

On the personal dashboard you place charts that you find important. The dashboard is personal, which means that the charts are only shown under your user profile.

As a start, a limited number of graphs have been created. It is no longer true that a large number of charts are standard on the dashboard, from which a choice is made.

Created charts are also easily removed from the dashboard.

Of course, charts can still be included directly in a report. This is especially useful for charts that are only occasionally viewed. It is then more effective to place these in a report on a specific topic. The report can then easily be copied, after which all charts are refreshed again.

The chart that is shown first on the dashboard is also displayed by default on the overview page.

Add a Chart

You add graphs on the dashboard by clicking on "Add" on the dashboard tab. Then you search for the right indicator by searching for a word that appears in the name of the indicator. If the chart is on the dashboard you can configure it.

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